The Beauty & Elegance of the Origami Dripper

The world of coffee brewing really is an adventure. I have been trying to expand my coffee brewing techniques, to see how they each bring to life the flavours of the coffee. So far, the differences seems subtle. But the real difference is in the ritual and performance of preparing the a daily brew.

This month, I've been playing with the Origami Dripper - a nifty brewing device that hails from the coffee-loving land of Japan. Created by the folks at Tricolate, it made its debut in 2015, bringing a touch of elegance and innovation to the world of pour-over coffee.

Here are a few tips to mastering the art of the Origami: 

  1. As with any brew method, the most critical ingredient is the choice of beans. Choose. Your coffee beans are like the superheroes of your morning routine. So, pick 'em wisely! Go for high-quality, freshly roasted beans that suit your taste preferences. Whether you like it bold and intense or smooth and mellow, your beans are the first step to coffee nirvana. But I will always recommend a lighter roast for any slow brew method, like the dripper. A punchy flavourful, bright coffee, straight up black for full effect is how I do it. 

  2. Grind Time: Now, let's talk about grinding – no, not the dance move, but the key to unlocking coffee greatness. For the Origami Dripper, aim for a medium-coarse grind. Think breadcrumbs, not sand. This ensures optimal extraction without overdoing it. You're not making coffee, you're crafting a masterpiece!

  3. Water, Water Everywhere: Quality water is as important as the coffee itself. Use filtered or bottled water for the cleanest taste. And, here's a tip: heat it up to around 93°C. Hotter than a summer day, but not quite boiling – its kinder on the coffee and won't burn the flavour before its had a chance to steep. 

  4. Now, the magic begins! Place your Origami Dripper right on top of your your favourite mug. It's like origami, but for your taste buds. The ridges inside the dripper aren't just for show – they create a vortex, ensuring a thorough extraction and an explosion of flavour.

  5. Bloom Like a Flower: Pour a small amount of hot water over your coffee grounds and let it bloom. No, we're not talking about roses, but the beautiful process where the coffee grounds release trapped gases, creating a rich aroma and flavour profile. The slow brew methods help you slow down and be present... its worth it, I promise. 

  6. The Pourfect Pour: Channel your inner barista and pour water over the coffee grounds in a slow, steady spiral. It's a dance of water and coffee, and you're the choreographer. Keep the water level consistent. For tips on the exact volume, the roaster can probably help you out. 

  7. Filter Finesse: Don't forget the unsung hero of the Origami Dripper show – the filter paper! Use high-quality cone-shaped filters designed for pour-over brewing. The right filter ensures a clean cup, trapping any sediment and letting only the pure, flavorful liquid pass through. It's like a coffee superhero cape!


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