Sipping Happy: Celebrating International Coffee Day 2023

Hey coffee lovers, it's that time of the year again! On September 29th, the world unites in a caffeine-fuelled celebration for International Coffee Day. Whether you're a latte-sipping city dweller or bush babe with a thermos by your side, this day is all about showing some love to our favourite bean juice. So, kick back, relax, and let's spill the beans on International Coffee Day 2023!

Coffee Chronicles: The Story Behind the Sip

First off, can we just talk about how coffee's history is as wild as a Magic? (Google that one, it's a Melbourne thing). Legend has it that a dude named Kaldi in Ethiopia discovered the magic of coffee when his goats started throwing a dance party after munching on coffee beans. Fast forward a few centuries, and coffee was the lifeblood of Middle Eastern coffeehouses, where philosophers, poets, and gossipers all got their buzz on.

Then, Europe got in on the action, spawning the coffeehouse culture we know today. It was like the original social media – people gathered to chat, debate, and caffeinate. And from there, coffee just conquered the world, one cup at a time.

Coffee Culture: Where Sips Meet Sociability

Now, let's hop around the globe and see how coffee gets the royal treatment in different cultures:

  1. Italy: In Italy, it's all about the espresso. Picture sipping on a tiny cup of liquid gold at a sidewalk café, and you've nailed the Italian coffee vibe.

  2. Ethiopia: Back to the roots! In Ethiopia, coffee is a big deal. They turn coffee brewing into a full-blown ceremony, complete with roasting, grinding, and sharing with friends. Talk about a coffee party!

  3. Turkey: Turkish coffee is like a sensory explosion. It's strong, aromatic, and comes with a side of sweet Turkish delight. One sip, and you're in coffee heaven.

  4. Colombia: Known for its killer beans, Colombia celebrates its coffee heritage by offering visitors farm tours. You get to see how the magic happens, from bean to brew.

Sippin' Sustainably: Coffee with a Conscience - This is what we're all about. 

Sustainability and Faitrade have become buzzwords in the coffee world, and for all the right reasons:

  1. Fair Trade: Coffee with a conscience! Fair trade coffee ensures that the folks growing our beans get a fair shake, leading to happier farmers and a better cup of joe for us.

  2. Organic Coffee: Going green, quite literally! Organic coffee is all about ditching the synthetic stuff, making sure our coffee is kind to the planet, and tastes good too.

  3. Shade-Grown Coffee: It's like a coffee forest party! Shade-grown coffee lets the wildlife join the fiesta while protecting the environment.

  4. Direct Trade: Cut out the middleman! Direct trade coffee means farmers get a fair deal, and we get to sip guilt-free knowing we're supporting the people behind our brew.

Happy to report that one of the big reasons we want to hero and support Independent Coffee Roasters is for their big cups, but bigger hearts. All of the Roasters that we've delivered to you over the past 11 months all have a sustainability agenda, and direct relationships with their producers. They care deeply about supporting communities at origin, and protecting the environment. 

We love this year's ICD theme of #coffeepeople - heroing all of the producers, makers and roasters that bring us this liquid gold.  You can read more about our Roasters in previous blog posts. So go on, put on a fresh batch, and take a moment to slow down and savour the tastes from these wonderful artisans and farmers. 

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a casual caffeine enthusiast, International Coffee Day 2023 is your excuse to celebrate the bean that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going all day. As you raise your cup and toast to this remarkable brew, remember the wild history, diverse cultures, and sustainable practices that make coffee more than just a drink – it's a whole vibe. Here's to International Coffee Day and the never-ending joy it brings to our lives – one delicious sip at a time! ☕🎉


Image credit: Pablo Merchan from Studio Colombia

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