Redbrick Coffee: Where Coffee Dreams Come True! ☕️


Hey coffee lovers! Today I'm going to spill the beans on our final feature Roaster for 2023, the incredible Redbrick Coffee, from Ngunnawal and Ngambri land in ACT. I first heard of Redbrick coffee from a regular subscriber, who is a passionate coffee drinker, and has a palette for a great brew. I knew this was a roast I needed on the books to round out a fantastic year of coffee discovery for my customers, and once I tried Redbrick for myself... I knew it would be a serious contender for our fave brew of the year.  

I reached out to the wonderful team at Redbrick Coffee to find out more about their story, and they helped me select 2 great roasts to share with our espresso & filter drinkers this month. Coffee Coffee is their flagship blend perfect for espresso brew types, their Ethiopian single origin, Hadeso, for those that prefer a slow brew method. 

Sean Teasdale is Redbrick’s Head Roaster and all round coffee wizard. He shared with me his accidental coffee beginnings, diverse coffee adventures, and his love for a great brew. Sean started in the coffee world washing dishes part-time at a cafe, and now 11 years later he's the Head Roaster and Green Coffee Buyer at Redbrick. Talk about a coffee love story. 

Redbrick Coffee embraces this love for variety by sourcing beans from the most fertile of coffee regions;  "We use coffees from all around the coffee belt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia and we'll also showcase any other coffees that meet our vibe."  

Sean's goal is to make sure the hard work of his producers is acknowledged in every cup, "We aim to roast coffee to a level that allows it to express all the hard work that came before it. Our focus is on balancing acidity and sweetness to provide a great drinking experience."

Redbrick have 3 flagship cafe's along with their roastery which hums along thanks to the hard work of a close knit team of coffee champs - their mission is to spread the coffee joy far and wide.

Another reason Redbrick is Brew Sip Happy's Roaster of choice, is their focus on sustainability. Head over to their impact page to see how they're making the world a better place, one coffee bean at a time.

I asked Sean what's in store for 2024 - More fun coffees, more connection with our suppliers and working more on communicating that with our customers." So if you ever find yourself taking a trip to the nation's capital, I highly recommend adding a stop or two at Redbrick to your itinerary.

And if you love what you're tasting from Redbrick, don't miss out  Redbrick's holiday blend, "Vacation." It's a mix of Natural Ethiopian and Washed Burundi, and it's here to make your taste buds do the happy dance until the end of January. 

As always, I asked Sean for his best tip for home brewers: always use scales. Precision is the key to unlocking coffee nirvana in your kitchen! There's still time to get in a request to Santa if you haven't got some kitchen scales as part of your set up!

Redbrick Coffee isn't just a coffee spot; it's a vibe, a community, and a whole lot of fun. With a dream team, a commitment to saving the planet, and a contagious passion for great coffee, Redbrick is where your coffee dreams come true. Dive into their world, sip away, and let the good vibes percolate! ☕️


Photos Supplied by Redbrick

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