Let’s talk eco-conscious Roasters.

Making ethical and more conscious consumer decisions isn’t just a some seasonal trend, it's a necessity and everyone’s responsibility. We want to arm you with the right information about where your coffee comes from, and help do the research for you. The Roaster Roster is made up of independent, small businesses who are all doing whatever is in their means to make their product, process of packaging more sustainable. 

Here’s a few ways they’re making a difference;

    • Fair Trade: Roasters can become fairtrade certified if at least 50% of its total ingredients are sourced from Fairtrade producers. It does however cost businesses a one off certification fee and an annual audit fee, which may be cost prohibitive for some small businesses. 
    • B Corp: B Corp or B Corporation  is the term used for any business entity that is certified by the non profit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance across both social and environmental metrics.  The bar for each of these pillars is high, and the certification process can take years to complete. There are a total of 200 points that you can prove, and you need a minimum of 80 points to score a certificate, which will have a shelf life of 3yrs before you need to recertify. No small feat, but definitely demonstrates where a business’ priorities and efforts lie.
    • 1% for the planet: The 1% for the Planet certification is given to businesses and individuals that become members by donating 1% of annual sales or salary to environmental causes. Literally putting their money where their mouth is!
    • Recyclable, or compostable Packaging: One of the obvious areas of focus for a lot of our roasters is making sure their packaging can hold both freshness for their beans, but also be recycled and or composted. There are heaps of developments happening in this area, and its great to see so many of our roasters making the investment to crack the coffee packaging code. 
  • Repairs over replacement: In recent decades, the tech and eCommerce boom has moved us to a culture of convenience above all else. This means, people are discarding broken or old machinery and, well, anything instead of investing in repairs. Some of our partners are offering coffee machine repairs as part of their service model, and we’re here for it!
    • Solar powered production: Many of our roasters are moving towards carbon neutral roasting practices. This is heavily reliant on Solar powered production. Again, there is a huge amount of development happening in this area, and every little win counts!

    Composting Husks: Community gardens have been benefiting from composting used grounds and coffee husk bi-product from the roasting process. Talk about giving back to the earth, and building nutrient rich soil to grow our greens! Bravo roasters!

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