Creatives on calls drinking coffee

Coffee has long been synonymous with Creativity. It's said that Coffeehouses of the 1700’s are responsible for the birth of great literature, music and revolutionary thinking - even the works of great composers like Bach and Beethoven were composed in some of the world’s first coffeehouses. Coffee was the welcomed beverage of choice in European towns like London, where citizens were usually hopelessly drunk from their breakfast beers by 11am. No wonder coffee became the secret elixir to promote productivity. 

Today, heading to your local cafe or even just retreating to your favourite nook at home with a good brew in hand also conjures all sorts of romantic and inspired notions of creativity, and getting stuff done.  For me, I just love connecting and chatting with interesting people over coffee. It's a full sensory experience, an equalizer and a great conversation starter. “How do you like your coffee?”. 

Today, getting to meet people at a cafe isn’t possible. But connecting over video still allows for a chit chat and a sip, and so, Creatives on Calls Drinking Coffee was born. 

In this series, we’ll explore different artist approaches to craft, creativity and of course, coffee! 

In our first episode, I spoke with the wonderful and effervescent Sarah Fordham. We discussed all things process, sparking creativity with constrained challenges and coffee friendly protein powder!

You can view the full episode on YouTube here

Check out some of Sarah’s incredible works here Ecomm site launching soon!

And a special thanks to Padre coffee for my delicious brew. 

Thanks also to for preparing Sarah’s brew & for their hot-coffee-friendly protein powder. 

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